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Our select list of clients includes producers, studios, directors, writers, actors, and other creators of filmed entertainment. Their profiles range from major studios and Emmy and Oscar-winning producers to self-funded independent creators, and we work with them on an individualized basis to help find, acquire, and develop books, articles, life rights, and other intellectual property into feature films and series across a variety of platforms. 

We provide to clients comprehensive, results-oriented scouting of and reporting on the American and international literary and IP markets (including book publishing, journalism, podcasting and any other medium that might make for a great series or film). Our clients enjoy an early look at material and market intelligence, as well as rights inquiries and research services.


Additional services we offer include: 


  • Deal advisory services, including negotiations with agents and publishers


  • Ongoing story and development consultation on active film/TV projects


  • Overall IP strategy creation and management


  • In-house incubation and creation of books, short fiction, articles, and other intellectual property 


Our client-first approach employs expertise, relationships, tenacity, and taste and is executed by a team with a uniquely comprehensive background in acquiring, developing, and selling material in both publishing and film/television. We are committed to finding material that is commercially compelling, thought provoking, and, most importantly, that reflects the diverse  world in which we all live.


We engage with each client in a bespoke and strategic way to identify the material, voices, and platforms that make achieving their particular creative and business goals easier. Most of all, we love to find material that helps clients expand their creative portfolios.

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Mac is the Founder and Principal of Pragmatic, and he works closely with producers, studios, filmmakers and other creators to help them find, source and acquire from around the world books, articles, life rights and any other form of intellectual property with adaptation potential. Before founding Pragmatic in 2010, Mac spent a decade at various companies, including WME, Paramount Pictures, HarperCollins Publishers and Oxford University Press, and his deep expertise and relationships across the agency, publishing and studio sides of the book-to-screen landscape inform Pragmatic’s comprehensive and contextualized approach to finding and landing great material for clients. 

Literary Consultant / Founder

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Before joining Pragmatic in March 2020, Beau worked in the Motion Picture Literary Department at ICM Partners, where he read and considered scripts and books on behalf of Academy and Emmy Award-winning filmmakers. He is a graduate of Georgetown University and a faithful devotee of Brooklyn's pizza scene. 


Junior Literary Scout

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Drop us a line at hello [at] Please note that Pragmatic does not read, consider or accept unsolicited literary or other material and such inquiries will be deleted without consideration.


413 West 14th Street, 2nd Floor

New York, New York 10014

T 1 212 380 3135

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