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Our clients are plugged into a comprehensive, curated, and global IP platform.

Books, articles, podcasts and other IP are adapted into some of our most beloved and successful movies and series. We source material from around the world and offer advice drawn from decades of creative and business experience across publishing, film, and television. With a producer’s discerning eye, and deep and broad relationships across agencies, publishing, film, television, and media, we give clients an early, informed, and comprehensive look at manuscripts, articles, podcasts, and so much more.

Our Process

The start of our results-oriented relationship is twice-weekly reporting on the American and International publishing and IP markets, with digestible reports that tell you everything we know, everything we think, and show you the advance material we have. We'll direct your attention to the projects that we like for you specifically and give you our strategic recommendations. Our intelligence is comprehensive, curated, actionable, and expertly-crafted. 

We're available for weekly scheduled calls to go over material and ongoing business & creative consultations and market updates as you pursue material.


We also provide rights checks, backlist research for specific targets, coverage of manuscripts, and deal advisory services as you negotiate with agents.

And of course, we're there as a resource for any other questions or needs you might have to help you land the material you want to make the movies and series you're passionate about. We're your full service representatives and partners in the literary and IP worlds.

We work across genres, borders, and cultures.

Whether it's finding a psychological thriller that could be the next GONE GIRL, a globe-trotting, a rollicking spy series to rival KILLING EVE, or a character-driven drama in the vein of AMERICAN FICTION, we work across genres to find the best material. We scout exclusively  for film & tv—we’re experts at it—and our process is crafted to find compelling, elevated, and commercial material from around the world for the screen.

And we’re unique among film/tv IP scouts in our commitment and ability to find stories will resonate with audiences in the diverse world in which we all live. 

Our clients come first.

We provide information and material, as well as the context to execute effectively and smartly. And we engage holistically with each and every client, with a focus on achieving results rather than metering services.

Every client is different, and so are their needs. We're there as a creative and strategic partner to help them in whatever way we can to help them land great material.

We work closely with a select list of clients. 

Our clients' profiles range from major studios and Emmy and Oscar-winning producers to self-funded independent creators. In a world where information moves quickly and freely, the true value of our engagement is in our specific strategic and creative input. We give our clients a competitive advantage by maintaining a select client list that reflects  this expertise.


Our insight  isn't shared by dozens of clients looking for the same material and getting the same advice.

We collect and curate.

We're a comprehensive, informed source of material and marketplace  intelligence that cuts through the noise that a generic list of books would otherwise generate. We work closely  with each client to find material that will help make the movies and shows that they are especially positioned to spend their time and resources considering and ultimately adapting. 

Our results-oriented approach helps clients create projects that will expand their creative horizons and stand out to increasingly discerning audiences.

Want to learn more? We'd love to hear from you. Get in touch.

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