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We help creative people and companies navigate the publishing and film/tv landscapes.

Our scouting clients enjoy advisory services as part of our comprehensive offer, and we love to also work on limited, specific engagements with other writers, producers, managers, and other creatives to guide their efforts in traditional publishing and advise on creative development of IP-based film, tv, podcasting, and experiential projects. We also can work alongside lawyers and other representatives to negotiate options and other deals.

For instance...

We worked with a scouting client to untangle difficult and decades-old rights issues surrounding a classic novel previously adapted to the stage, which included researching legacy literary estates, ownership transfers, and chain of title issues and advising throughout the negotiating process to achieve a favorable outcome and a feature film fast-tracked through development. 

We found an overlooked nonfiction title and negotiated the option-purchase agreement for an independent producer who wanted to tell a story inspired by a specific historical moment. 

In concert with a literary manager, we're working with an animation creator to develop his original, proprietary sketch into an idea for a children’s book and guide the publishing submission process.

Things to know.

We work in these areas on a referral basis only. And much as we love to read, we can't accept unsolicited material of any kind. Thanks so much for understanding!

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